4 signs it’s time to call a Longview Pest Control Expert

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Why should you call a professional exterminator when you can purchase an over-the-counter product and spray it around your home? After all, it’s cheaper, faster and maybe, convenient.

If you are like many people, you probably will want to take on the pest control task all by yourself – well, until you realize you can’t do it, then you call an expert. But you should know that pest control isn’t something that you want to DIY, pests multiply so fast and can cause damage worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It’s true that DIY will cost you less, at first, but often, your solutions will only be temporary. Sooner than later, you’ll realize you still have pests in your home. Instead of muddling on your own trying to get rid of the pest, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. They have the right expertise and training to get the job done right the first time. Besides, their solutions are meant to get rid of these pests for good.

Here are four signs that it’s time to call a Longview Pest Control expert:

Droppings and urine

Pests are living creatures, so, it’s only natural that they will urinate and leave droppings behind. If you catch some funny smell or spot droppings in your pantry, kitchen, or anywhere else in the home, then it’s likely that you are cohabiting with rodents or roaches. Both these pests are health concerns for your family and pets, as they carry deadly diseases. A pest control expert can ensure that these pests are exterminated, and their disease-inducing droppings are eliminated.

Property damage

Have you noticed some scratches on your furniture, walls or clothing, or tiny tunnels running along your walls? Have you seen any wiring that seems chewed upon? If you answered yes, then you have unwanted visitors in your home. Call a pest expert as soon as you can, because procrastinating will only mean more money wasted – you may have to throw your favorite clothing, and in worst cases, repair your structure. Besides, wires that are gnawed by rodents are known to cause electrical fires. Carpenter ant and termite damage can make structures of your home unsafe.

When you physically spot one

This is the biggest giveaway. If you happen to see a cockroach, a rodent, a spider, a wasp, a scorpion, a termite or any other pest in your home, then you’ve got all the evidence you need. Pests tend to steer clear of people, but if you happen to bump into one, then you could be facing a huge problem. This might mean that they are overpopulated, and cannot hide anymore. Call a professional immediately; they will uncover their breeding grounds and nests and destroy them once and for all.


Pests look for quiet, hard-to-reach places of a house where they can build their nest and live safely, this includes under furniture, spaces behind appliances, in the attic and inside walls. If you happen to spot a pest-size refuge (often constructed from plastic, paper or organic paraphernalia), know you have some unwanted visitors, and it’s time to call an exterminator.