Best Lawsuit Loan Companies That Offer Pre-Settlement Funding

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Are you looking for a lawsuit loan (properly known as pre-settlement funding) prior to settling your case?

Many individuals are involved in a personal injury lawsuit and are awaiting settlement from the insurance company or a pending court case.  Often times the insurance company will drag their feet during the litigation or negotiation on purpose in order to increase the chances of you settling your case early before all efforts are exhausted.

What Exactly are Lawsuit Loans?

Lawsuit Loans are not technically considered loans do to the fact that they are not a loan at all.  In fact, lawsuit loans are categorized as pre-settlement funding  . These cases do not require prepayment if you lose your case.  They are simply an advance on a lawsuit that is trusted to settle based on your case information and advise of your attorney.  No credit check or income verification is even needed to obtain a lawsuit loan on your case.

So what is Pre-Settlement Funding

Pre-Settlement Funding is simply an advance on your lawsuit.  Mayfield Settlement Funding is a reputable pre-settlement funding company and explains the service as follows:  The cash advance amounts can vary from $500 all the way up to $250,000.  The process is very fast and easy, most of the work on the plaintiffs end is filling out a simple application form.  The processing takes only 1 day (some times same day) as long as all information is provided.  There are no required monthly payments, and no credit checks or income verification is needed.  All that is required is you are currently involved in a lawsuit and are represented by an attorney or law firm in your litigation.

How do I obtain a Pre-settlement Funding Advance?

This process is extremely easy, you simply contact your company of choice.  Fill out their application and state some facts about your case, along with contact information for your legal team and then state the amount of funding you are looking for.  That is it, the lawsuit funding company will then take this information and verify you are eligible for the advance.  Then at this point they will deploy a wire or digital check to you for fast deposit so you can get the money you need quickly.

What do I do if I have Questions?

Simple, call Mayfield Settlement Funding at 888-800-8400 and talk to one of their friendly representatives.  They will be able to quickly answer all of your questions and give you an understanding of how the process works.  They are available all day and every day to assist with your needs.  If you need your advance quickly, the best way to apply is calling to ensure all needed information is available.  They will also be able to give you a quick approval on your request!  Good luck with your litigation, and best of luck!