Express Entry and Your Family: Proving You Are Related

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There are many individuals who got separated from their family while they were immigrating to Canada. Over the years the Canadian immigration authorities made changes to their rules and now you can bring your family with you to Canada with some additional paperwork. Technically it means you being a permanent resident; you can sponsor your family to Canada. They will be provided with permanent resident status.

Express Entry System, is the best and efficient way to do so. You need to lawyer up in this case as the lawyer will be seeing over the complicated paperwork. Mr. Matthew Jeffry, an Express Entry lawyer Toronto , is the best in this business. The hectic paperwork, the hearings at the court or the authorities, Mr. Jeffry will see all of that.

Before providing any direct assistance, Mr. Jeffry, Express Entry Lawyer in Canada, will provide you with some tips which will help you to be on the run towards getting the immigration status for your family.

Providing proof of the relationship

The Canada Immigration authorities require the proof of every relationship that you will be sponsoring to Canada. They will have the certificates rechecked and verified.

In case of a spousal relationship, it will be easy and you only have to provide the marriage certificate as proof. The thing gets complicated when the relationship is of common-law. In this, you have to provide an IRCC form stating that you have lived with your partner for not less than 12 months. Then you have to provide bank statements or rental bills issued under both the names.

In the case of the children, it is simple but paperwork. You have to provide a birth certificate or baptism certificate for the child. If the child is adopted, you have to provide the official adoption papers.

You can also bring other dependents as well. You only have to prove your relation. An additional thing also comes to limelight when it comes to dependents other than spouse or child is, you have to prove that you can solely support the dependents in Canada.

The last point is a tricky one. You should really consult a lawyer and get through the process yourself. Read the documents very carefully because once you sign those you are directly answerable to the court if you commit anything against the verdict.

Contact Mr. Matthew Jeffry, an Express Entry Lawyer from Canada, he can help you with every legal thing related to immigration services. He has an experience of helping many fellow Canadians in bringing or sponsoring their relatives to Canada. You can be the next lucky client of his.

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