How Can I Find Out All about A Deceased Person’s Assets?

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If you happen to be executing a will on behalf of the deceased, you just might feel that a number of their assets have not been fully disclosed in the document.

This may be for reasons such as the deceased did not want people to be aware of such, they forgot to include this in the will, or they didn’t know they had the assets in the first place. Indeed, the executors may have hidden assets.

Naturally, you do not want to lose out on any assets, so legally there are some easy steps which you can take.

  1. Consulta Legal Professional for Expert Advice
  • The lawyer will tell you how to ascertain whether there are other assets.
  • A lawyer will inform you of whom to contact to find out this information.
  • The lawyer will also assist you in building a case so as to claim some of the missing assets.

Most lawyers will not ask for a fee should you be unsuccessful with your claim. This is known as a “no win, no fee” scenario and is extremely useful for those who are making a family provision claim in NSW, and have been left short of funds,due to being left nothing in the will.

You will definitely be aware of a much clearer course of action after having consulted with a lawyer.

  1. Speak towhom is Executing the Will
  • The executor is the individual who ensures that the will is followed and assets are divided up correctly.
  • Ask for an explanation as to why some assets may be missing from the will document.
  • They may inform you that certain investments have been sold off before the person passed away.
  • They might tell you that money has been frozen in a bank account.
  • They might let you know that debts were paid off with money,which had previously been put aside to be included in the will.
  • They may even offer you a settlement so that the case goes no further.

You will thus have a much better understanding of the asset situation after talking to the will’s executor. Normally, this will be a simple process because they will be content to assist you with any issue. You may wish to make notes (or a recording) of what the executor says and then report back to your lawyer.

  1. Formulate a Case withthe Lawyer
  • Go over the discussion with the executor to the lawyer.
  • The lawyer can then help you to formulate a case.
  • The lawyer will assist you with collecting any evidence which is required to try and claim assets which you believe have been concealed by an executor.

It’s a lot easier to find hidden assets in a will when making good use of hiring a legal professional with plenty of experience in this field. This will definitely give you a much better chance of claiming assets which you believe the executor wishes not to release.