Steps to Finding the Best DUI Defense Lawyer

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Deciding to drive while under the influence is not only risky to your life, but it also risks the lives of those near you. If you are arrested for committing a DUI offense, you’ll need a competent lawyer. While you can still choose to have a government-appointed lawyer to represent you, it’s more prudent to hire your own attorney.

Hiring an experienced DUI attorney gives you many benefits such as exceptional knowledge of the court system, the ability to navigate tricky situations, professional counseling on what to say/not to say, and the knowhow of plea bargain deals.

While you can still represent yourself, the complex legal information can confuse you, and you might end up harming yourself. In the same vein, if you decide to work with a public defender, you may be in the hands of someone without interest in your matters.

To help you find the DI attorney, consider the following:

Research thoroughly

A quality Las Vegas DUI defense lawyer that will understand your case, listen to you, and help you in court isn’t going to fall from the sky. You should set aside time to research several DUI lawyers to select the one that will best handle your specific case. You can start from the major search engines and social media. Moreover, you can ask for recommendations from trustworthy friends and members of your family regarding who should hire and who you shouldn’t.

Create a list of potential DUI defense lawyers

Make a written log or excel spreadsheet with a list of attorneys you would like to reach out to. Ensure your list comprises of their name, address, email, phone number, and area of specialization. If you have interviewed them and known about their cost, go ahead and include a “cost” column in the document.

Determine if the lawyer is qualified for your case

There are many lawyers out there, but not all of them are qualified to take up your DUI case. Comb through your State bar website to establish if one of the lawyers on your spreadsheet has a record of malpractice or has faced previous disciplinary action. Ensure that all the attorneys on your list are licensed to practice in Nevada and that they fully understand the state’s legal system.

Arrange for a face-to-face meeting

Face-to-face meetings will require you to take off time off your busy day, and may mean you drive. However, they are imperative when looking for a DUI defense attorney. When you meet a potential lawyer in person, you get a chance to know how they work, how you can get along with them and if the attorney seems a good fit for your DUI case representation.

Ensure you attend the meeting equipped with the relevant paperwork to help make the meeting successful. Also, write down important questions beforehand so you can ask them during the meeting. Ask your potential DUI lawyer the following questions:

  • How many DUI trials have you conducted?
  • For how long have you been practicing law?
  • How many guilty/not guilty verdicts have you had?
  • How many years have you been practicing DUI defense?

The above four steps will enable you to choose a successful DUI lawyer. Remain focused and write down everything that occurs.