Why Should You Contact a Solicitor for Your Motorbike Accident Claim?

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If you have been injured due to a motorbike accident, you may be entitled to compensation. This compensation may help cover your medical expenses, alterations to your home to accommodate your recovery, and compensation to cover your loss of income. However, it is often difficult to get the compensation that you deserve without proper representation.

Solicitors Can Review the Details of Your Case

While you are in the hospital or at home recovering from your injuries, it may be difficult for you to collect all the necessary details for your claim.

When you work with a solicitor, the solicitor will help review and collect the evidence of the claim. The solicitor will gather statements from witnesses, collect photographs of the injuries and accident, and obtain the police report.

Solicitors Help Determine Proper Compensation

One of the challenges of filing a claim for motorbike accidents in Ely is determining how much compensation you are entitled to. Solicitors examine the details of the claim to ensure that you receive what you deserve.

The details that may impact the amount you can be awarded include the cost of medical expenses, changes to your home, loss of earnings due to your injuries, travel expenses, and loss of recreational activities.

Solicitors Handle Negotiations on Your Behalf

Whether you are attempting to receive compensation from an insurance company or the driver responsible for the accident, solicitors handle the negotiations. This allows you to remain focused on recovering from your injuries.

Insurance providers often attempt to settle claims by sending the claimant a low settlement offer. They do not want to pay you what you deserve because it costs them money. With a solicitor looking out for your best interests, you are more likely to receive a favourable settlement.

You Do Not Need to Pay up Front to Hire a Solicitor

Motorbike accident solicitors do not require an up-front fee. You do not need to spend additional money to hire a solicitor for your accident claim. If you lose the case, you do not owe the solicitors anything. If you win the case, you receive your compensation and the solicitors receive a portion to cover their pay.

Solicitors Ensure That Your Claim Is Properly Filed

Another advantage of working with a solicitor is to avoid any errors in the paperwork. Simple mistakes may delay your claim or result in your claim getting dismissed. Solicitors help prevent these errors and ensure that the claim is filed before the three-year deadline.

Dealing with injuries suffered as the result of a motorbike accident can be traumatic. During this difficult time, you may not be able to work or provide yourself and your family. Along with the medical challenges, you may also need to file a claim for your injuries. Allow an experienced solicitor to handle your claim so that you can focus on your recovery.