4 Major Factors that will Influence how Much your Divorce will Cost

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While many people may think there’s very little they can do to limit costs associated with a divorce, they can fluctuate greatly depending on the case. While in some cases, the circumstances affecting costs may be out of your control, in others, there are decisions that could allow you to reduce the overall cost of the proceedings. Here are some of the major factors that will affect how much you can expect to pay for your divorce.

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Constant Fighting

If you or your spouse decide to fight over every single aspect of the divorce, then you can expect to pay more in legal fees as a result. You’ll have to pay your lawyer on an hourly rate and keep them on a retainer as well. And if you decide to go to court, there will be some additional fees, like witness costs, deposition expenses, and service fees. If you want to know more about administration and court fees in a divorce, you can check out this piece by Cordell and Cordell.

Custody Battles

If you intend to fight over custody, know that you’ll have to pay additional costs as well. You may have to pay for psychiatric examinations, which can be very expensive. You’ll also have to pay if a Guardian Ad Litem is appointed by the court. And if your lawyer decides to call an expert witness, then there will be additional fees as well.

Your Divorce Attorney

The lawyer you decide to work with will have a direct influence on how much you can expect to pay as well. However, that doesn’t mean you should start looking for a discount lawyer.

A bad or inexperienced lawyer could make proceedings even more difficult. And if you work with someone who doesn’t know family law in and out, then you could end up with a horrible deal at the end of the day. So, when looking for a divorce lawyer, you have to make sure that you hire one with significant family law experience and a solid reputation for delivering results. You also have to see if both of you connect on a personal level and that they’re truly on your side. The last thing you want is a disengaged lawyer that sees you as just another number.

If you have Multiple Assets

In most cases, the complexity of your assets will be affected by how much property you own as a couple. If you owned real estate, one or multiple businesses, equity, or any other kind of investments, then your attorney may need some outside help. This could be a real estate appraiser or a financial analyst, and you’ll have to pay extra money for their services.


Even with all these factors, you still have a lot of control on how much your divorce will ultimately cost. In all cases, it’s always better to be as cooperative as possible during the proceedings. If you decide to be more combative, know that your divorce may not only be more costly, but more difficult as well.