Defending or Pursuing a Claim: How to Fund your Case

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Whether or not you will pursue or defend a claim, it is important to know where you will get your funds for the case. Being aware of the options available to you can help you make better decisions. Below are some of the options to fund your legal case:

Use your Own Money

Paying your solicitor privately may mean paying them per hour unless you can negotiate a fixed fee with them. With this funding option, you have the freedom to choose an expert specialist and somebody you can trust to give you the best case outcomes. For cases in the civil courts, it is likely that you can recover some of the legal costs if you win the case. But, in case you lose it, you will have to take care of the legal costs of the other party as well.

Pay them when you Win the Case

This is a common arrangement when pursuing a claim in which your solicitor will not get paid if you don’t win the case. It is just important to keep in mind that your solicitor may take a success fee from the compensation you won. Make sure you check the terms before you sign to ensure you won’t be dealing with hidden costs and pay more than what you have originally agreed on.

Defence Union

Members of the union are offered access to some services that include legal representation. But, the union doesn’t have the obligation to follow your instructions and can make decisions to settle a claim regardless of your disposition. Also, you won’t have the option to choose the solicitor or barrister yourself.


If you have a legal expenses insurance policy, then you will have no problem funding your claim or defence. This type of policy is usually a part of other policies like home contents insurance or employers’ liability. With this option though, it is imperative to meet some criteria before your funding is approved. Also, this typically applies after a dispute has arisen. You can choose from various kinds of legal expense insurance so make sure you shop around and compare to find one that suits you.

Funding a claim depends on the kind of claim being pursued. Your chosen solicitor should offer you advice on your funding options. Also, ensure you totally understand any possible costs and consequences if you lose a claim. This can help you find insurance to cover the costs.