History of the Best Attorneys in the Problem with Mesothelioma from Asbestos

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There are times when you can find yourself in a situation that is difficult, and you need a good attorney. Being diagnosed with Mesothelioma is news that can be overwhelming, but the attorneys at Goldberg, Persky & White are compassionate about the extremely difficult situation of the victims of asbestos side effects and are deeply committed to holding those companies responsible accountable for allowing this deadly exposure to occur. Many of these companies have known for years the dangerous of asbestos but have continued to use it in their businesses.

Founders – 1970s

GPW’s founding Members Tom White, Joel Persky, and Ted Goldberg started working together in the 1970s to represent workers injured by the asbestos industry. Thousands of internal asbestos company documents were found dating back to the late 1920s that showed that the manufacturer knew then of the danger of asbestos.

1989 – Nationally recognized

This legal firm became a nationally recognized leader in this field of law. They became the experts in Mesothelioma litigation. They currently have expanded with over 100 attorneys and staff and represent asbestos victims through Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

2002 – Top Mesothelioma Law Firm

With thousands of satisfied asbestos disease clients, this law firm has been recognized as the Best of Mesothelioma Lawyer firm in the United States.  


Asbestos has been used for many thousands of years as a fire-retardant and insulation material and has long been linked to sickness and death. Evidence has revealed many of the companies that produce asbestos products were quite aware of the dangers that asbestos has but continued to expose their workers and laborers to the hazardous asbestos fibers due to greed.

Federal Government 1972

The Federal Government evidently stepped in about this issue in 1972 mandating that OSHA start to regulate the manufacture and the sale of products containing asbestos. As more information about asbestos disease which has been hidden by this industry was uncovered by the Environmental Protection Agency and Consumer Product Safety Commission; they began enforcing strict regulations on its use in commercial and industrial products.

Cancer diagnosis

Asbestos cancer diagnosis as well as diagnosis of Mesothelioma and lung carcinoma, can be hard since symptoms of this illness can in early stages mimic those of various other, more minor, respiratory complications. This is when a good Asbestos Lawyer needs to be contacted.  If medical professional suspect Mesothelioma, especially if the patient has a history of working with asbestos exposure, this is when lawsuits can be filed against the companies that the patient worked for.

Causes Mesothelioma

The only known cause of Mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos. Asbestos dust and particles that have been ingested or inhaled cause inflammation and disruption of normal cell growth. This eventually will lead to the development of Mesothelioma Cancer.

Your attorney can file lawsuits making funds available for medical expenses and to care for your family.