How to Knock Case Management Software Out of the Park

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The rise of legal tech has also given rise to competition among software developers working to come up with the best legal case management software package on the market. It is an ambitious goal given how slow the legal industry is to embrace new technology. But with the right strategies in place, it is possible that one of these software developers will eventually dominate.

The key to winning the market is understanding what it is that holds attorneys back. What is it they would like to do that isn’t possible with their current software? Spend more time practicing law and less time running a business.

Once you understand how a typical law office operates, technology deficiencies become crystal clear. A legal software developer that truly understands can tee up the case management software ball and knock it out of the park.

Bringing Automation to the Law Office

Automation is one of the most important developments in computer software over the last decade. Being able to automate certain tasks is the key to efficiency and streamlining. This is certainly the case in law. If you are not convinced, consider some of the more mundane tasks attorneys find themselves doing.

Take a lawyer whose specialty is contract law. He may spend hour after hour reviewing generic contracts to make sure the language is just right. Yet that task can be automated. A law office can also automate billing, calendaring, and a whole lot more.

The people behind the NuLaw legal case management application, points to automated calendaring as a very important feature for law firms. Calendaring is one of the most time-consuming and annoying aspects of practicing law. But it doesn’t have to be. With the right scheduling rules in place, completing a single task creates a cascade that automatically calendars any remaining tasks according to a predetermined schedule.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Adding artificial intelligence to software automation would give a further boost to law offices. For example, today’s technology is such that artificial intelligence can be used to not only scan contracts, but also make corrections when necessary. A good software program can completely eliminate the need for attorneys to spend time reviewing contracts.

Transforming the Discovery Process

Introducing automation into case management software is big all on its own. But there is another element that could prove even bigger: applying technology to transform the discovery process. We are already seeing discovery start to shift as a result of cloud-based packages like NuLaw.

Discovery has not changed much in hundreds of years – at least in terms of principle. What has changed are the methods by which discovery is conducted and the amount of information available to attorneys. That latter point is the most important of all.

Discovery in 2019 goes way beyond dusty law books on library shelves. Attorneys have the entire internet to scour. Moreover, the sheer volume of resources on the internet is staggering. From law websites and online encyclopedias to newspapers and social media, there is enough information to keep an attorney busy on a case indefinitely.

Modern software addresses discovery with revolutionary e-discovery tools. E-discovery can be automated to some degree, and it can be used to build an ever-growing library of information stored in the cloud and accessible by attorneys from virtually anywhere. E-discovery is more thorough, demonstrably faster, and a whole lot easier.

Any software developer that can manage to nail down automation and e-discovery will be well positioned to dominate the market moving forward. That is how you hit the case management software ball out of the park.