I Am a Motorcyclist – What Can a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer do For Me?

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Someone who is a motorcycle accident lawyer practices in the area of negligence law and deals exclusively with any kinds of injuries and losses which have been suffered by people involved in motorcycle accidents. Due to the safety risks which are unique to motorcycle riding, lawyers of this kind deal with issues of legality which are specific to this type of motor vehicle.

  • If there has been an accident, the motorcycle accident lawyer will consult with his or her client and collect information with regards to the accident.

After evaluating the lawful strengths and weaknesses of the case with the client, the accident lawyer will then inform him or her exactly how the legal process operates and what the steps are in a negligence law case.

Getting to the Truth of the Matter

Whilst awaiting trial, the motorcycle accident lawyer will carry out research on all legal issues with regards to the case, and get all medical and police accident reports. Witnesses may also be interviewed and evidence taken down, which may be of help at the trial.

Specialists may also be requested to examine any medical records and testify about the amount of injuries sustained by the client.

Matters of a Settlement

Before going to trial, the motorcycle accident lawyer will conduct settlement negotiations with a lawyer who is representing the defendant’s insurer. This can then further involve having to discuss with the client any offers which have been made by the defendant to settle the case.

The lawyer may communicate with the client’s insurer and medical providers to ensure that his or her client is being taken care of properly and receiving necessary medical assistance for any type of injuries. If the settlement offer is not acceptable to the accident lawyer’s client, it now goes to trial where the client will be represented by the lawyer.

Going to Trial

At the trial, the motorcycle accident lawyer, will on behalf of the client, do his or her best to prove that the one who is alleged to have caused the accident, the “defendant,” was indeed negligent.

Under personal injury law, the plaintiff will be compensated for all physical injuries and any damage done to the motorcycle which was caused by the negligence of the defendant. These damages can include the likes of:

  • Medical bills for all injuries
  • Costs or replacement for the motorcycle

Plus any other expenses which resulted from the accident. The motorcycle accident lawyer will display all of the available evidence to clearly show the extent of theclient’s damages.

Every Team Knows the Value of a Good Defence

By having a seasoned legal professional at your side, you are more than guaranteed of the best of outcomes.