OPT Expires Time Affect Your H1b Application process

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Don’t forget one thing during this time, especially for F1 students, remember to extend your F1 status so that you can legally stay in the US while waiting for the h1b results. Generally speaking, if you take the h1b visa (Also Known as h1b签证, the Immigration Department will automatically update your SEVIS record, your identity will be automatically extended, but just in case, we still need to take the initiative to inform the school’s International Student Office to complete. If you are facing h1b rfe, do not forget to consult immigration lawyer (Also known as 移民律师 )

OPT expires before February

Sorry, if your OPT has expired before February, but you applied for this year’s h1b, then you should go back to the country to wait for h1b, or find another school to continue your F1 status. Your F1 status cannot be extended in the original school.

OPT expires from February to the end of March

You can extend your F1 status when the OPT expires during this time, but you will not be able to work during the H-1B.

OPT expires after April

During this time you can extend your F1 status and work legally. Until you get an H-1B visa.


If h1b is rejected during this period,

So first you have to see if there is a clear indication on your rejection letter.

Immigration will say if you need to leave immediately

If the Immigration Department does not say that you are leaving immediately, but your OPT has expired, then you have a 60-day grace period to stay in the US, keep in mind that you can’t work during this time