Tips for Motorbike cyclists in Canada

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With the onset of spring, you find more motorcyclists on the roads of Ontario. Be an experienced or fresher, a motorist should follow road safety tips else he may fall prey to accidents and injuries.  In such cases, you should go for an accident claim to compensate for the medical expenses, injury loss, loss of wages, etc. Visit to know about the best and most experienced lawyers in Ontario region to file your claim.

Injury Statistics:

Motorcyclists are always at a greater risk than car drivers. Motorcyclists are three times more likely to sustain injuries. The injury rate for motorcyclists is 2194 out of 100,000 cyclists.

Safety Tips For Motorcyclists :

Here, are few tips that can help motorists to ride smartly and safely:

  1. You should take a motorcycle that suits you. Too much powerful motorcycle may be difficult for a fresher to ride.
  2. Check the roads and the riding conditions before you start. Ontario roads become hazardous and accident prone in bad weather conditions like heavy rains or storm.
  3. Check different riding positions before you start and find out the most comfortable one.
  4. Do proper planning of the ride for day trips and overnight journeys.
  5. Take into consideration, whether you want to ride with another passenger or not.
  6. Get the bike that fits your height.
  7. Purchase a bike that suits your pocket.
  8. Take motorcycle insurance along with the bike.

Take Training:

It is always advisable to take a formal training of learning motorcycle from a certified school. There you will learn many riding techniques and safety tips which otherwise may be missed if you learn from your friend or relative. Leaning from a training school will also help you to gain a discount on motorcycle insurance.

Always Wear a Helmet:

This is a must for all the motorcyclists even if you choose to go nearby also. All provinces in Canada make riders and motorcyclists mandatory to wear helmets. Never use a helmet that has been damaged earlier in an accident.

Wear Bright Clothes and Protective Gear:

As per the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTA), many accidents happen when the car driver is unable to see the motorcyclists. Precautionary motorcyclists should always wear bright clothes to get noticed.

Also don’t forget to wear protective gear like gloves, boots, long pants and a jacket while you go for a motorbike ride.

Safety Tips If You Ride With A Passenger:

  1. Your bike should have a passenger seat and footrest
  2. Adjust mirrors
  3. Both of you should wear protective gear.
  4. Your passenger should know how to sit properly and hold properly.

Take help of a personal injury lawyer::

In case if you or your relative is hurt in an accident, you can speak with a personal injury lawyer at for free of cost. Our team comprises of well qualified experienced lawyers who are ready to help you and manage your entire claim. Our top motorcyclists’ lawyer will investigate the case and will charge on a contingency basis. Contact us for free advice.