Top secrets behind 100% success rate of Canadian visitor visa

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Canada visitor visa: Best tips to get 100% success rate

The success rate of Canadian visitor visa is utterly depends on the applicant file. It has been seen that the refusal rate of visitor visa in 2017 was low, but in 2018 the refusal rate has been rising up to 30% as compared to 2017. Many folks who want to apply for a Canadian visitor visa get worried and lots of queries come in their mind such as; will they obtain a visa? Or will they get refused? Whenever a visa application is processed in the immigration office, the officers examine the visa application thoroughly while having a big question in their mind, “Will this candidate return to their home kingdom after they have finished their visa in Canada?” Most of the applicants from developing or undeveloped countries do not go back to their home country. Immigration lawyer Toronto is going to reveal the secrets of a successful visitor visa application with you.

Following factors help you to get 100% success in the Canadian visitor visa.

  • Your economical condition in your own country: it includes employment stability, your own assets, school or college regular attendance proof, marital status, children and family.
  • Why you want to visit the country? Is there any family function or family crisis or work related matter or delight visit, you have to make your reason clear to convince the officer.
  • Proof of sufficient funds: you have to show your financial arrangements in advance; the more cash you show in your account, the more chances of getting a visa. However, in case of insufficient funds, your application may get refused.
  • The applicant has a well established business in the country of usual residence: you can show registration number of the business and, if essential, financial statements of business transactions.
  • The host has permanent residency or Canadian citizenship or has a student visa.
  • Spouse or children will not accompany with the applicant.
  • Previous trips to Canada or to any other country.
  • Property proofs in the country of usual residence.

There are some negative aspects that you can avoid getting a refusal.

  • Low remuneration in the country of usual residence and unemployment status.
  • The host has no blood relation to the applicant and little contact with the applicant.
  • Applicant has previously been denied for a visitor visa.
  • Poor financial situation and unmarried status.
  • No history of abroad travels.